Personal Data Protection Policy

According to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter LOPD) and of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the implementation decree of the LOPD (hereinafter RDLOPD), Feed your Skin expressly declares its policy regarding the treatment and protection of personal data, which will be applicable to any person voluntarily communicating by email with Feed your Skin, filling in forms that collect data, formalizing a contractual relationship with Feed your Skin, or using any other service available on the website that entails communication of data to Feed your Skin or access to data by Feed your Skin for the provision of services.
The use of Feed your Skin services implies express acceptance of this policy. Furthermore,

1. These terms will be of subsidiary application regarding others set forth on the same subject specifically and communicated (without limitation) in the following ways: registration forms, contracts and/or terms of use of specific services, with this policy as complementary to the previous policies in any matters not expressly provided for therein and not contradicting them.

2. Feed your Skin notifies the user of the website of the existence of several treatments and files of personal data under the responsibility of Feed your Skin Internet, S.L.U. (Feed your Skin), registered CTR De Madrid-Cartagena,30100 Espinardo-Murcia, Spain, where the personal data communicated to Feed your Skin are collected and stored. These automated files are called ‘Marketing’ and ‘Customer / Suppliers’.

3. Sending an email to Feed your Skin, or communicating any other personal data to Feed your Skin by any means, entails or implies free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the treatment of personal data by Feed your Skin, which is carried out with the purpose of attending to the communications received.

When purchasing services offered by Feed your Skin, the data will be treated with the purpose of maintaining any contractual relationship that may arise, adhering to the nature and features of the service purchased and, exclusively for such purpose, Feed your Skin will contact the client by email, SMS or other means indicated by the client, as well as to maintain records of commercial relations during the legally established timeframes.

Feed your Skin allows clients to choose, in the registration form, whether they wish to receive commercial information or not. Regardless of their decision, clients will be able to change their preference at any time, as many times as they wish, from the section specifically for that purpose in their Client Area.

Where clients are given the choice to receive commercial information, Feed your Skin notifies them that their data will be treated to send documentation and information related to the services, commercial/advertising communications about the services, and similar, by post, telephone, email, SMS or other means indicated by the client.

In cases in which Feed your Skin must access and/or treat personal data which are the responsibility and property of the clients for the appropriate delivery of the services purchased, Feed your Skin will treat the corresponding data as the responsible for the treatment in accordance with the provisions of this Policy which regulates the obligations of the parties in the terms established in article 12 of the LOPD and concordant RDLOPD.

4. Feed your Skin uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are stored on the users’ terminal (computer or mobile device) and compile information when visiting Feed your Skin websites with the aim of improving their usability and understanding users’ browser needs or habits in order to adapt to them accordingly, as well as to obtain information for statistical purposes.

In any case, users can configure their browser in such a way that some or all cookies are disabled or blocked. Not accepting these cookies does not imply a hindrance in order to access information on Feed your Skin websites, although the use of some services may be limited. If the user wishes to retract consent once cookies have already been accepted, those that are stored on the user’s machine must be deleted via the different browser options.

All the information about the cookies used by Feed your Skinis published on the Cookies Policy, available on our privacy policy page.

5. The user may at any time exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, where possible, by sending a notification by email to indicating the petition or right exercised together with a copy of their ID or legally valid identity document.

6. Feed your Skin has provided for transfers or communication of data required under article 11 of the LOPD to fulfil its responsibility towards the Public Administrations and, likewise towards other authorities when required by law.

7. Feed your Skin advises that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user and/or client may use the identity of another person and communicate his/her personal data, therefore, please note at all times that he/she must communicate to Feed your Skin personal data corresponding to his/her own identity and that are appropriate, pertinent, up to date, precise and true.

To such effect, the user and/or client shall be the sole responsible in case of any damage, whether direct and/or indirect, caused to third parties or to Feed your Skin due to the use of personal data of another person or of his/her own personal data when they are false, erroneous, not up to date, inappropriate or impertinent. Likewise, the user and/or client communicating the personal data of a third party shall be responsible towards him/her for the obligation of information set forth in article 5.4 of the LOPD if the personal data has not been collected from the interested party him/herself, and/or for the consequences of not informing him/her.

8. Feed your Skin hereby provides notification that, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and the RDLOPD, it has adopted the technical and organizational measures required to guarantee the security of the personal data in view of the state of technology, and that it shall only record personal data on files that meet the conditions set forth in the current legislation regarding their integrity and security and that of treatment centers, premises, equipment, systems and programs. Furthermore, Feed your Skin guarantees compliance with the duty of professional secrecy regarding the personal data being treated and the duty to store them.

9. In accordance with article 12 of the LOPD and concordant RDLOPD, access and/or treatment of personal data that are the responsibility and property of Feed your Skin clients shall not be deemed as communication or transfer of data, when this is necessary for the appropriate provision of services purchased in each case. In these cases, Feed your Skin will act as the subject responsible for the treatment and will carry out the access and/or treatment of the data according with the terms indicated below:

  • Feed your Skin shall only treat data in accordance with the instructions of the client responsible for the treatment and will not apply nor use them for any purposes other than those stated in the applicable contractual Terms, nor shall it communicate to other parties, not even for their conservation. Feed your Skin shall not be held responsible when, after express indication from the client responsible for the treatment, it communicates the data to a third party designated by the client in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and RDLOPD.
  • Having provided the service of personal data treatment, these data will be destroyed, together with any medium or documents containing personal data or any type of information that may have been generated during, for and/or by the provision of services which are the subject matter of these Terms. Nevertheless, Feed your Skin may keep the above data duly blocked during the period in which any responsibilities regarding its relationship to the client may be derived.
  • If Feed your Skin uses the data for another purpose, communicates them or uses them breaching the corresponding Terms of service, it shall also be held responsible for the treatment, answering for any infringements it has personally incurred in.
  • Feed your Skin shall be responsible, under article 10 of the LOPD, for maintaining due professional secrecy regarding the personal data it needs to access and/or treat for the purpose of complying with the applicable Terms of service in each case, both during and after their termination, and agrees to use this information solely for the purpose specified in each case, and to demand the same level of commitment from any person within their organization who participates in any phase of the treatment of personal data which are the responsibility of the client.
  • In accordance with the provisions of RDLOPD, the following rules will apply regarding the form and modalities of access to data for the provision of services:
    • i. When Feed your Skin must access the resources of data treatment located in the premises of the client responsible for the treatment, he/she shall be responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and measures of security and communicating these policies and measures to Feed your Skin , who agrees to respect them and demand they are complied with by persons in its organization participating in the provision of the services.
    • ii.  When Feed your Skin remotely accesses the data treatment resources which are the responsibility of the client, he/she shall be responsible for establishing and implementing policies and measures of security in his/her remote treatment systems, and Feed your Skinshall be responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and measures of security in its local systems.
    • iii.  When the service is provided by Feed your Skin on its own premises and not on those of the client responsible for the treatment, the latter shall record the circumstances relating to the treatment of data in its security document under the terms required by law, including the security measures to be implemented regarding said treatment.
  • In all cases, access to the data by Feed your Skin will be subject to the basic level security measures provided for in applicable legislation regarding personal data protection, in accordance with the provisions of Heading VIII of the RDLOPD
  • Feed your Skin shall not be held responsible for the breach of obligations derived from the LOPD and its implementing regulations by the client responsible for the treatment in the part corresponding to his/her activities and related to the execution of the contract or commercial relations with Feed your Skin . Each party shall face the responsibility derived from their own breach of contractual, legal and normative obligations.